1/2 Hour Massage - $35
The primary focus is placed upon the back, neck and shoulders. Prime candidates for the one-half hour massage would be those suffering from chronic back problems such as fibromyalgia, arthritis in the spine, frozen shoulder, migraines and various other concerns. The half-hour massage is experienced in the same setting as the one-hour massage.

1 Hour Massage - $50
Full body massage consists of a variety of Swedish massage strokes, using the thumbs, fingers, and palms. Kneading,
   Signature Massage provides massage therapy including swedish massage to help you relax and relieve muscle tensions
stretching and applying various degrees of pressure allow for the body to relax and muscles to be soothed. The client is allowed to disrobe to their personal comfort  level.  Oils made of natural  ingredients are used to enhance the massage technique. To help complete the full beneficial effects soothing music, a cushioned, heated table and warm room temperatures are used for the utmost comfort.

1-1/2 Hour Massage - $85

This is the same as the one-hour massage while the extra time permits more in-depth work on problem areas.

Reflexology - $50/hr or $35/half hr
Reflexology is an involved foot massage which is based on the scientific principle that there are nerve endings located in the feet, which are associated with every organ, gland and body part. By stimulating these pressure points, the correlating body parts are stimulated as well. The client may either be seated in a comfortable chair, or may lie on the massage table while pressure is applied to the reflex points.

  Signature Massage provides Reflexology Foot Massage Therapy to soothe away stress and relieve pain.
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